Frequent Asked Questions

Here at NYC Locksmith Security'S locksmith and safe services we strive to keep our customers fully informed. If your question is not listed below we are more then willing to answer it, just give us a call. We might even place it on this list!

Should I add a double sided dead bolt (key on both sides) on the exterior doors of my property, is it safe?
Double sided deadbolts are used on doors that have glass less then 18 inches from the lock. If someone breaks the glass they will not be able to unlock the door and leave with your possessions so easily. Fire code on rental properties states that double sided deadbolts are not permitted. In a private property you should check with local laws and use your own discretion.
Is it that easy to copy my key to my house?
Majority of house keys out there have a code on them and a valet person or someone else who has access to your keys can see that code one time and be able to translate that into a key and make an original copy of your key. It could then be used to trespass against you. Medeco locks are designed to reduce the likelihood of situations like these arising.
I just moved into a new Apartment / Home /Commercial Building, should I re-key the locks?
We highly recommend REKEYING the locks. It is impossible to know if your new manager, realtors or even construction worker has a copy of your key. It is better to be safe then sorry. Always re-key your locks when you move into a new property. It is the simplest and most affordable way to protect your valuables.
I have two or three different keys that go to my property, can I make one key work everything?
The answer is most definitely YES. People live in their residence for years and years stumbling in the dark trying to find the right key for the 2 different locks on their front door. We can easily re-key or if necessary replace certain locks on your property so that 1 key works everything. Having one key is very convenient and there is no better way to live.
I would like 1 key that works all the locks on my house and 1 key that my Gardner can use to get into one gate and nothing else, is this possible?
This is very possible and the answer is having your locks master keyed. If they are all the same brand we can have 1 or 2 locks that have their own separate key for the Gardner, babysitter or pool cleaner. They are only able to get into specific doors while the property owner or renter can get into ALL locks on the property with only 1 key.
What are High Security Locks (with Restricted Keys) and why should I consider putting them on my property?
High security locks (Medeco) are designed to restrict key duplication, are pick proof and drill resistant. High security locks are much more expensive, yet worth every penny. Remember investing in a good set of locks is a onetime investment and the longer you live in the property the less it costs to be so well protected.
Is it really necessary to use a professional locksmith company?
Professional locksmiths have first hand experience and the necessary knowledge in locks, safes & security options. These skills are necessary for properly securing and making your home safe. There is much more to installing a lock then one would think. Specific adjustments need to be made to the frame in order for the lock to work properly and maximize its life. Proper installation requires minimal if no adjustment in the future. It is professional locksmiths who can suggest state-of-the-art products that can protect your most valuable possessions, your family.
Can I schedule a specific time for a Locksmith to meet me?
We value your time. Our goal is to not only to give you a specific appointment time but rather strive to be there 5 minutes prior to our meeting. If we do happen to run late, we will always inform the customer and give them the option of waiting for us or re-scheduling at a time that is convenie
Why do I have to fidget with my keys in the lock in order to make them work?
As does everything, locks wear over time. The small parts in the locks tend to wear down causing your key to get stuck or stick at times. Many times we get used to "jiggling or wiggling" the key repeatedly in order to get the lock to work. There are many different reasons for this problem and a professional locksmith can resolve the problem and make opening your door enjoyable.
I have a key marked “Do Not Duplicate.” Can I get a copy of it anyway?
The laws states that keys marked “Do Not Duplicate, “Do Not Copy” or “Unlawful to Copy” must have a authorization letter from the owner or supervisor presented at the time of requesting duplication. Even though this is the law, locksmiths and key copying kiosks are willing to copy these keys for an extra fee. The restrictions that are stamped on the keys are merely a deterrent and the only way to secure duplication is with a restricted key.