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Interchangable Cores

Medeco® interchangeable core locks are designed so that cores can quickly and easily be changed by non-technical personnel by using a special control key. Locks can, in effect, be "rekeyed" without having a working knowledge of the lock or without having to take the lock apart. Medeco interchangeable core cylinders are available in a variety of different sizes, formats and security levels. Cores are available to fit into rim and mortise cylinders, key-in-knob locks, padlocks and bored auxiliary deadlatches and deadbolts. Some Medeco interchangeable cores are UL437 listed and provide drill and pick resistance and those that incorporate the Medeco3 design offer utility patented control. For replacement Best® style small format interchangeable core cylinders, see Medeco's KeyMark® product line.

Features & Benefits:

  • Cylinders can quickly and easily be changed by non-technical personal by using a special control key which will remove the core from the lock housing. A core with a new combination can then be inserted and the lock will then effectively be "re-keyed". All of this can be done without having to take the lock apart which reduces the expense of calling outside service personnel to perform routine lock "re-keys".

  • The 31 Series interchangeable core has a control/locking lug positioned at the back of the cylinder. An extra long key activates the control/locking lug. This eliminates the need for build up or control pins thus simplifying pinning. It also allows the introduction of interchangeable core cylinders into existing master key systems that were not designed to accommodate interchangeable core pinning. The 31 series interchangeable core cylinders provide a high level of drill and pick resistance but are not listed by UL.

  • The 32 series interchangeable core cylinders have the control/locking lug positioned at the middle of the core. This provides additional protection against dent puller attacks.

  • The 32 series uses coordinated cuts between the operating keys and the control keys which eliminates the need for build up or control pins and simplifies pinning.

  • Utility patented key control, (for cylinders that incorporate the Medeco3 design), provides protection against the unauthorized duplication of keys.

  • A special elevating and rotating pin tumbler design, along with false slots on the bottom pins, mushroom top pins and a sidebar mechanism, work together, to provide superior pick resistance.

  • Angled cuts on the keys, along with fore and aft positioning, and the reciprocal slider of the Medeco3 design, provide added dimensions that dramatically increases key combinations and enables Medeco to produce some of the largest master key systems in the industry.

  • Hardened steel inserts, positioned in critical areas of the cylinder, provide a high degree of drill resistance.

  • Solid brass construction provides high quality and long cylinder life.

  • 8 different finishes provide an extremely close color match with existing hardware.

  • UL437 listing (32 series only) provides assurance that cylinders meet universal standards for drill and pick resistance and resistance against other types of forced attack.

  • 2 year warranty offers assurance of product quality and factory support in the rare event there is a problem.