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DeMark RedX 8 Ch. DVR with 250GB


DeMark RedX 8 Ch. DVR with 250GB. CD-RW 240ips-View 240ips-Rec. Dual Codec Dual Hardware codec JPEG2000 : recording/playback H.264 : transmission network Various back-up : CDRW Advanced remote monitoring and search through internet

Product Summary

Product Overview

DeMark Security's RedX-800M records video evidence to 250 GB hard disk drive and it also transmits in H.264 compression. Operation of this equipment is easy with mouse, remote controller and frontal keypad.

There are no tape to change and with H.264 video transmitting codec it is also very powerful under network environment. Full utilization of USB 2.0 port enables backup faster than that of CDR media. It also includes CDR Drives for easy backup. DeMark's RedX-800M is easy to operate via remote controller, frontal keypad or use of a mouse. Video review is simplified by Jog-Shuttle control found on RedX-800M.

DeMark's RedX-800M is available with spot monitor connection, VGA monitor connection and BNC monitor connection. DeMark's RedX-800M also has 4 channel video loop out.

Product Features:


  • Virus Free Embedded DVR

  • Instant On and Off

  • Multi-tiered User Control

  • Low Heat, Low Power

Easy to use

  • Mouse Operation

  • Remote Controller

  • Large Frontal Keypad Triplex Mode

  • Records, Views, Playback images


  • H.264 Compression

  • Jog shuttle support

  • 120 images per second


  • LAN, WAN, Internet Playback

  • DDNS Support, PPPoE Support, DHCP Support

  • USB 2.0 Backup

  • Audio Recording and playback

  • Alarm Sensor Input and Output

  • 4 video channel loop

  • VGA Monitor and Composite Monitor

  • SATA-Type2 Support


  • Economical Price Offering

  • Free Client Suite of Application

  • Free Update

  • 2 Years Warranty


DVR Type: RedX-800M - 8 Ch. Camera Inputs: 8 View Speed: 240 ips Record Speed: 240 ips Video Resolution: NTSC: (360 X 120) / PAL: (360 X 144) Video Signal Format: NTSC or PAL (Selectable) Compression Method: JPEG 2000, H.264 Hardware Operating System: RTOS Primary Storage: 250 GB Hard Drive Included Backup Device: CD-RW Multitasking Operation: Triplex: Record, Playback, and Live Viewing Audio In: 4 RCA Audio Out: 1 RCA Monitor Output: VGA port, 1 Chl Monitor, 1 Ch Spot Network: LAN. WAN. Internet, DDNS, PPPoE, DHCP IP Support: Dynamic IP address, DDNS, PPPoE Ethernet: RJ45 @ 10/100Mbps POS: No Power Source : 120 to 240 VAC - UL Approved USB Interface: 1 USB 2.0 slot. 1 in Front. PTZ Control: Dimensions: 17.17 (W) X 15.6 (H) X 3.5 (D)