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Welcome to NYC Locksmith Security

NYC Locksmith SecurityNYC Locksmith Security is ready to tackle any type of lockout problems. New York Locksmith is one of the preferred locksmith companies in the whole of East Coast. Our skilled technicians are in this field with over 10 years of experience, they know how to solve lockout problems without damaging the locking system. Installation of high end security devices is a must since you need to protect your home for unauthorized access. We at NYC Locksmith Security have top notch quality alarm systems which ensure to protect your home in case of theft.


NYC Locksmith Locks

NYC Locksmith & Security deliver high end locking systems for residential & commercial purposes. NYC Locksmith Security ensures top quality of locks before they are dispatched to customers. Various locks like Cams, Combination Locks, Commercial Deadbolts, Medeco Cylinders, Mortise Locks, Switch Locks, Pad locks, Cylinder, Deadbolts.

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Card Access

NYC Locksmith Card Access

Gain specific access for your commercial rooms. With the use of access cards you can set a perimeter block for unauthorized access. It ensures to lock proof the door and does not allow access to those which do not have specific passwords.

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NYC Locksmith CCTV devices

Monitor the working of your office environment with the use of CCTV devices. Security cameras can be installed in different locations that can provide surveillance. Indoor and outdoor security can be controlled with the use of CCTV units. You get all the data if there is any unauthorized access captured through the CCTV unit.

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Intercom Systems

NYC Locksmith Intercom Systems

Locksmith Manhattan offers various intercom options for residential as well as commercial purposes. Keep in contact with your colleagues or neighbors with the use of high end intercom system. Gain access with video and audio option through intercom devices.

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Electric Strikes And Magnetic Locks

NYC Locksmith Electric Strikes And Magnetic Locks

Magnetic locks provide top notch security since they work on direct current. Electric strike can charge up any time and destroy electrical equipment installed in your office. All you need to do is protect your firm from electronic charges depleted through irregular currents.

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Security DVR Recorders

NYC Locksmith Security DVR Recorders

Install a high data DVR recorder which can capture all the surveillance taken by your CCTV cameras. With the use of computer hard drive as an option it can store hours of video recording done through your CCTV cameras.

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NYC Locksmith Safes

Keep all your valuables in one place and secure them in the right manner. Safes with anti penetration features are available with locksmith Bronx that can help a lot for your commercial as well as residential purposes.

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NYC Locksmith Doors

We have high end protection doors that help in giving complete security for your home and office. These doors are made from high quality wood or metal and ensure to provide top notch security. They service for more than decades with the same quality and performance.

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NYC Locksmith Gates

Gate designing is done by our highly qualified team as they need to ensure total security for your assets. Building and installation of gates is purely taken care by NYC Locksmith Security Services. Browse through our catalogue to find more than thousands of gate designs.

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Window Security Bars

NYC Locksmith Window Security Bars

Installation of window security bars can be done to ensure there is no unauthorized access through windows. Special composite is used to strengthen the build quality of these bars. They are designed to offer protection and ventilation for commercial as well as for residential purposes.

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Custom Iron Fencing Contractor

NYC Locksmith Custom Iron Fencing Contractor

Custom fencing can be done to give overall protection to your home. These fences are made from high quality metal which is treated at various temperatures. Iron is designed according to your design and pattern. Custom sizes are catered which gives added security feature for your homes.

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Garage Doors

NYC Locksmith Garage Doors

Protect your vehicle from theft and damage by installing a garage door. Remote control access is given which gives the user to open and close the door automatically. Choose different types of finishes that can suit your home theme.

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Exit Devices

NYC Locksmith Exit Devices

Brooklyn locksmith offers different types of exit devices for commercial purposes. It ensures to block any type of vehicle for accessing without permission. This device is made from special type of material which is strong and can with stand vehicle pressure.

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