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Security DVR Recorders and DVR Cards for CCTV Surveillance Systems

A DVR recorder as part of a CCTV surveillance system uses a computer hard drive to compress and store video images using various compression techniques. The compression techniques include JPEG, MPEG, Wavelet and a host of proprietary methods. Images can be stored at a rate of 20 frames per second (fps) to as many as 400fps depending on the software features offered by the manufacturer.

This is the latest in CCTV DVR Video Surveillance technology, eliminating the use of tape recorders. Built-in software (depending on CCTV DVR model), enables easy viewing of stored video and images. Data can be saved on a recordable disk (CD-R, DVD-R), and in some models, USB Flash Media Drives to be given to law enforcement. DVR Cards and Software could transform a PC into a robust CCTV Security System at a fraction of the cost. Choose from the selection below. We carry the most popular high-quality and affordable DVRs on our online store.

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Pegasus 4 Channel Simplex
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